Health Safety and Environmental Issue

Medical & Health: Dedicated medical team comprises with qualified MBBS Doctor, Medical Assistant, Nurse & other personnel work throughout the day. Beside regular medical treatment, first aid and minor OT facilities are frequently provided to the workers & service personnel. An ambulance and other vehicles are always kept to face any emergency. We can proudly say that, we don’t have single casualty and any big accident within the shipyard since last decade.


Safety & Security: DEW Ltd posses dedicated safety & security team comprises safety & security personnel. Safety team consists of 10 qualified people, who work onboard ship & shipyard previously. Security team consists of 20 qualified people including few BN sailors. This yard ensured man material & information security as a core duty of management. We are vigilant round the clock. Hazard warnings and safety instruction are posted at all key areas including confined space entry. Production area is fitted with water hydrants, in addition to usual portable fire fighting system/extinguishers. Regular fire fighting training held on the yard premises under the direct supervision of qualified trainers.


Environmental Issue: DEW Ltd is an environment friendly organization. Under the direct supervision of BN this shipyard tries to maintain high standard of clean and nature friendly activities. This shipyard has nearly zero emission into the atmosphere and water. Trees bordering and inside the yard stand as a symbol of our respect to the environmental issues.